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Breedingmanagement of the mares

Veterinarian Jeroen Smak of DAP Berkenzicht BV is responsible for the breedingmanagement at Team Nijhof. Because we value our breeders, we offer them a ‘living foal’ guarantee. This means that when your foal is not born alive, you can continue breading for the not in foal-rate (issued by a veterinarian and provided that you have paid the studfee in the year of the insemination).

If the mare-holder declares that the mare is not in foal, the declaration needs to be in our possession before September the 30th 2024, or the full fee will automatically be charged. The “not in foal” declarations must be issued by a vet. For mares who are not in foal, an amount of € 250,- (excl. VAT) and shipping fee will be charged.