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EU Station

During the breeding season you can order fresh-chilled semen every morning until 10.00 o’clock (C.E.T.) with our order form on the website or with either Dorine ten Poele or Jeannette Benedict-Nijhof.

The semen needs to be paid per gestation. It involves the semen that is send to the breeders and insemination stations in the Netherlands and abroad. It is not possible to buy a separate doses or straws. SWS Nijhof BV always remains the owner of the delivered semen. Therefore, all the remaining straws need to be returned before the end of the breeding season, provided that SWS Nijhof BV makes any other written agreement with the holder/breeder. If that is the case, the semen can be used in a subsequent year(s) and settled at SWS Nijhof BV.

Stud fees

The stud fees at Team Nijhof are excl. VAT and/or shipping charges and veterinary costs. The veterinarian costs are charged to the mare-holder. It concerns the cost of palpation, scanning and the medication. The costs will be sent by DAP Berkelzicht BV.

The shipping costs for semen outside of the Netherlands and the cost of health papers are passed on to the mare-holder. The shipping costs of semen from stallions from a stud station abroad are also charged to the mare-holder. You can contact us for more information.


  • Dorine ten Poele
  • Alvyra Arendsen Raedt
  • Jeannette Benedict-Nijhof.

Phone number: 0545 481 259
From Belgium: +31 545 481 259 (available from 08.00 hrs. to 17.30 hrs.)

It is always good to check your order by telephone to make sure that everything is correct. Furthermore, it is important for your first order that you always mention the name of the mare-holder, name of the mare and life number of the mare.