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General conditions 2021

  1. When you order fresh or frozen semen from SWS Nijhof B.V. the general terms and conditions of the Dutch ‘Bond van Hengstenhouderds’ in the Netherlands are applied.
  2. Semen of our stallions can be ordered on a daily basis until 09.30 hrs. The order should include the name and life number of the mare and the full address of the mare-holder.
  3. After the first order the first part of the studfee, € 200,- (excl. VAT) and the shipping costs will be charged. The second part of the studfee will be charged when the mare is with foal for 6-8 weeks.
  4. For mares who are not in foal, a written not in foal-agreement issued by the veterinarian should be handed to Team Nijhof before October 1st 2021, or the full fee will automatically be charged,
  5. SWS Nijhof BV does not sell loose straws, only gestations. You pay the studfee per gestation. Straws that have not been used remain in the possession of SWS Nijhof BV and need to be returned before the end of the breeding season, or can be used when paid for.
  6. Frozen embryo’s obtained through fresh semen must be paid in the year of the semen delivery.
  7. The breedingmanagement of the mares is in hands of veterinarian Tamara van den Brink from DAP Berkelzicht.
  8. Mares are inseminated entirely at the cost and risk of the mare-holder.
  9. The shipping costs and NVWA-costs for the Netherlands and abroad will be charged to the mare-holder.
  10. For inseminations from stallions that stand at a stud station abroad/or own straw, an insemination- compensation will be charged.
  11. In the event of late payment, the invoice amount will increase by fees and penalty interests and any collection costs.
  12. By ordering and taking semen, the mare-holder declares to have knowledge of these general conditions and agrees with the insemination and payment conditions.
  13. Stud station S.W.S. Nijhof B.V. in Geesteren accept no liability whatsoever for damage, sickness or injury to people, animals, transportation or otherwise.
  14. European EU-station: NL-8486: we have a certificate for shipping fresh and frozen semen from our stallions to countries outside of the Netherlands. Please take not that we have to inform the NVWA in time about the export.
  15. Livery charges at SWS Nijhof BV are € 6,00, – (excl. VAT) per day per mare without a foal, and € 8,50, – (excl. VAT) for a mare with foal at foot.
  16. The veterinary costs for palpation and scanning are € 100, – (excl. VAT and medicines and other actions), if you use a stallion from Team Nijhof. For other stallions or self brought semen the veterinary costs for breedingmanagement are € 150, – (excl VAT).

For questions or special conditions you can always contact us with: +31-545-481259 or send an email to: info@team-nijhof.nl. We are available from 08.30 hrs. To 17.30 hrs.