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Team Nijhof

Team Nijhof is an all-round equestrian business with a stud farm, EU-station, sports stable and veterinary practice. We have a record number of Grand Prix-stallions in our collection. Our stallions belong to the top of the world and excel in sport, which is shown by the participation of two of Team Nijhof’s stallions during the World Cup finals, European championships, and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016.



Team Nijhof has many proven stallions. Stallions that are performing good in the sport at the moment, and many promising new stallions. By choosing the right stallion for your mare, your foal will have an even better start of his/her career. You can always come to us for appropriate advice.



Team Nijhof is a famous stallion station with world famous grand prix stallions since many years. At Team Nijhof Talent Sale we offer a collection of excellent young jumpers. Therse young horses are all brought up at our studfarm and descend from famous sire- and damlines. Famous references from young horses sold here are: Admara, Romanov, Garant etc.